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Water heater installation, repair, and maintenance services

Do you need to replace your repair your water heater?

Whether you have a tankless or storage water heater, when it comes times for repairs you don’t have a second to waste. Not having hot water can be more than an inconvenience – it can be a health hazard. Hank and Sons Plumbing is here to help. Call us today for immediate repair or maintenance services.

Call us today for help installing or repairing your standard hot water heater

Does your hot water heater have a minor issue that needs a quick fix? We can help with that! Do you have an older hot water heater that needs to be replaced? We can help with that too. While lifespans will vary from unit to unit, generally speaking you can expect a storage water tank to need significant repair or maintenance after a decade.

If you’ve had your water heater longer than a decade and it’s starting to give you trouble, then it may be time to replace it. The good news is that there are innovative options that can save you money in the long run while providing exceptional service.

Do you want instant, on-demand hot water?

Are you tired of waiting for your hot water to heat up? Do you have a large family that runs out of hot water quickly, leaving the last ones showering out in the cold? A tankless water heater could be exactly what you need.

The many advantages of tankless water heaters include:

  • Significant energy savings. According to Energy.gov, if you use less than 41 gallons of hot water each day, a tankless water heat is going to be between 24 – 34% more energy efficient compared to a standard tank water heater. If you use a lot of hot water – more than 86 gallons more day – then your energy efficiency should rise by about 8 – 14%. If you want maximum energy savings, consider having a tankless unit installed at each hot water outlet. This can result in as much as a 50% decline in the energy used to heat your water.
  • Tankless units are more affordable over their lifespan. It’s true that it generally costs more to install a tankless water heater compared to a traditional option. However, tankless units generally last longer and are less expensive to run. As a result, they’re often more affordable in the long-run.
  • A longer life expectancy. A tankless water heater generally lasts at least 20 years. When repair is necessary, it’s generally easy to find the necessary replacement parts. On the other hand, your traditional storage water heater is going to last between a decade and 15 years, on average.

Tankless vs. storage water heater: Which is best for your home?

There is no simple answer to this question. What works perfectly in one home may not be the best choice for another home. The good news is that Hank and Sons is here to help. We can not only offer advanced-level installation services but we can discuss your needs and help you decide which one is right for your home. Call us today at 909-524-2906 to begin the process.