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Hank & Sons Plumbing Offers the Best Septic Tank Repair in La Verne CA

April 16, 2021
There’s nothing really worse than a plumbing problem. (Okay, maybe there are a few things – but still.) These problems often come out of the blue. They’re annoying. Sometimes they smell funky. Often, they create an unnecessary mess. And, unfortunately, they cost money to repair (unless you want your plumbing to malfunction and your home […]

Let Us Install Your New Toilet in Claremont CA

April 8, 2021
Imagine not having a toilet on your property, whether it be in your home or inside your business. It would be a huge gamechanger and not for the better. We tend to take the invention of the toilet for granted, and it sure is a luxury to have one. So, if you’re looking to get […]