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Give Your Drains the Gift of a Good Clean with Professional Drain Cleaning in Upland CA

October 22, 2021
Making sure our plumbing system is up to par is important, no doubt. This means not putting certain things down our drains such as eggshells, coffee grounds, broken glass, diapers or feminine products, and paint. It also means making sure to tend to drain clogs and backups as they first begin to appear rather than […]

Hank & Sons Plumbing Can Provide You with New Sink Installation in San Dimas CA

October 12, 2021
You don’t realize how much you need a sink until it isn’t located in a convenient location in your home or commercial building or the size of sink you currently have just isn’t suitable for what you require it for. Other times, you might just grow tired of your current sink and wish to get […]