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Turn to Our Team for Garbage Disposal Repair in Upland CA

May 11, 2021

Turn to Our Team for Garbage Disposal Repair in Upland CAGarbage disposals work great – until they don’t. But for the most part, they work just fine and can have no problems for many years. This makes them reliable a majority of the time for the most part. Although, whether you’ve had a garbage disposal for over a decade or just got one installed relatively recently, there’s still a possibility for it to pose problems.

While these problems are no fun, the good news is that Hank & Sons Plumbing has substantial knowledge when it comes to repairing a malfunction garbage disposal. We know that an issue like this can be quite frustrating and something you want fixed ASAP. We’re here to tell that you that we can handle it – no matter what the problem might entail.

Reasons Behind Your Garbage Disposal Problems

Just like any other device out there, just because your garbage disposal isn’t working or seems to be acting up doesn’t mean it’s caused by one single problem. In fact, there are numerous reasons that might be contributing to your garbage disposal issue. Not only that, but there can be many different symptoms that your malfunctioning disposal might feature. For instance, your garbage disposal might not turn on at all, it might be making grinding noises and/or exhibit a foul odor, it could be slow to drain, it might leak, and the list of problems continues.

You know a problem like the latter is something worth getting checked out by a professional. But your concern is, what are the potential reasons behind your garbage disposal issue? It might be a result of:

  • Clogged or jammed motor
  • Loose connections within your garbage disposal’s wall switch or to your disposal unit
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Warn-out gasket, flange, or O-ring
  • Dull blades
  • Failing motor
  • Missing/misplaced part of your garbage disposal
  • Etc.

That being said, the problem could be directly to do with your garbage disposal itself, or it might be caused by something entirely different. But in the end, something needs to be done so that your disposal works once again.

Our Technicians Offer the Best Garbage Disposal Repair in Upland CA

Are you worried about your broken garbage disposal? Instead of stressing, let us do the accessing! We’ll take a look at your disposal, make a diagnosis, and then decide the best course of action to fix or replace your garbage disposal. The goal here is to leave you feeling as comfortable as possible with the process and to ensure you have a working garbage disposal as soon as possible.Get assistance for your broken garbage disposal in Upland, CA as early as this same week. Call our company at 909-524-2906 to set up an affordable garbage disposal repair appointment.