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We Can Provide Emergency Drain Repair in La Verne CA for Your Restaurant

July 8, 2021
We Can Provide Emergency Drain Repair in La Verne CA for Your Restaurant

It’s always an “uh oh” moment when you notice a drain in your California restaurant is no longer working like it should. It might not drain properly. It might not drain at all. Or it might just be very smelly and make funny gurgling noises. Either way, you’ve got a drain-related problem on your hands.

The best course of action for a situation like this would be to opt for emergency drain repair in La Verne, CA. The quicker someone can come out, the faster the situation can be resolved – and you bet that Hank & Sons Plumbing can be the best company for the job!

A Malfunctioning Drain is Especially Bad for Restaurants

As a long-time plumbing company, we’ve seen it all. And we’ve also seen how difficult and stressful it is for restaurant owners and employees to have to deal with a clogged drain or other drain problem inside their restaurant. For instance, a drain that barely wants to budge or doesn’t want to drain at all can prevent employees from washing their hands, washing dishes, or even using a sanitizing dishwasher, all because just a little bit of extra water leading to a clogged drain can lead to a flood inside the restaurant. The water needs somewhere to go – and understandably so. The only true solution is to get the drain itself fixed.

And speaking of risking a restaurant of flooding, a little flood or backup due a water leak can warp restaurant floors, ruin dining tables and chairs, cause potential slip and fall injuries for staff (and, thus, lead to workers comp claims or lawsuits), and even set the restaurant up for potential contamination in serious cases.

On top of that, excess water, especially when chunks and debris of food are contained with in, can invite pests from gnats and mosquitoes to beetles and roaches inside your restaurant, which can get you slapped with a penalty from the health department or even get your restaurant shut down. Not to mention, pests inside your restaurant can lead to bad customer reviews, loss of future business, the risk of giving your customers a disease or sickness from pest contamination, and loss of money due to the throwing away of contaminated product. A big deal a drain issue can be for a restaurant!

Restaurant Drain Repair in La Verna CA is a Quick Call Away

If you’re suffering from a drain problem inside your restaurant, it’s not too late. There’s still hope that you can get it repaired in a timely manner before things go way south.

Call Hank & Sons Plumbing at 909-524-2906 for drain repair in La Verne, CA.