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Southern California Plumbing Has Never Been More Honest

December 22, 2021
Southern California Plumbing Has Never Been More Honest

The last thing anyone would want is to call out a local plumber, only to get scammed. There are multiple ways a plumber might scam a customer. For instance, they might intentionally overcharge a customer thinking they won’t notice. They might even tell the customer that they “fixed” the plumbing-related situation, only that they didn’t or only provided a tiny band-aid fix; they just wanted a quick buck for doing nothing or doing the absolute bare minimum of work. Other times, a scammer plumber might purposely mess up other plumbing in the house or lie about another aspect of plumbing needing to be fixed when it doesn’t need to be, just to get permission to wrongfully charge a customer extra.

It’s truly sad that a small percentage of “professional” plumbers might stoop as low as to scam a customer in need of a genuine plumbing repair. It’s sick, conniving, and downright cruel.

An Honest Plumbing Company is a Good Plumbing Company

We’re firm believers that honesty is the best policy. There’s no point in going around scamming customers if you are genuinely passionate about plumbing and wish to run an actual plumbing business. Any plumber that stoops to scamming is clearly lazy, dishonest, and likely has no idea how plumbing actually works and doesn’t care to learn.

It’s the honest plumbing companies, though, that we celebrate today. Their handwork, great pricing, dedication to their work, and overall great customer service is what makes us realize just how lucky we are to have great service workers like them and helps us put faith and trust back into humanity.

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Do you need an honest and hardworking team of plumbers to service your home or commercial property? Hank & Sons Plumbing fits that category. We want nothing more than to make a great impression on each one of our customers. Our goal Is to leave our clients happier than when we found them by offering the best quality plumbing services in Southern California that is in our power to provide. We love to see smiles on our clients faces after the plumbing job is complete and successful.

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