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Commercial Plumbing in Los Angeles

March 11, 2022
Commercial Plumbing in Los Angeles

Many people often associate plumbing with residential living. They think of calling the plumber to fix the downstairs bathroom, or to get hot water running again in the one upstairs. However, businesses need plumbers just as much –– if not more. If you’re in the market for one, let us introduce you to some guys.

Why do businesses need plumbing?

Businesses need good plumbing to be able to operate. Imagine, for example, that your favorite restaurant doesn’t have running water. How can they prepare delicious meals or wash dishes for their paying customers? Would you trust them enough to ever come back? Even if you are personally willing to take the risk, most restaurants are required by law to have hot, running water. Without it, food establishments risk being shut down by health officials.

And restaurants need plumbing for more than just the kitchen. Imagine, again, how inconvenient it would be if a family restaurant didn’t have functioning bathrooms. Where could you clean up after your kid spills spaghetti sauce all over your shirt? We all know how disappointing it is when we walk into a place and they tell us they don’t have a bathroom.

What else can a plumber do for your business?

Commercial plumbing is about more than just ensuring you have water you can use. If you have a commercial kitchen, for example, and one of your employees jams the garbage disposal, you could be in serious trouble. And while you might be able to fix things in your residential kitchen, industrial kitchens can be more complicated and sensitive –– if you do something wrong, you could be closed for business for a few costly days.

A professional plumber will be able to help you through almost any plumbing issue. They know how to handle and fix most commercial equipment –– including big, intimidating equipment you’re too afraid to touch. From replacing sewer lines to installing new gas lines, a good plumber will cover all your bases.

Expect the unexpected

As a business owner, you are probably used to surprises. Things break, drains get clogged –– and, the longer it takes to fix something, the more time you waste losing money. Every commercial locale should have a trusted plumber on stand-by. Many providers can provide emergency services that can even run 24/7.

Where should you go?

If you have a commercial enterprise in the Los Angeles area, Hank and Sons Plumbing provides great, affordable services. They have years of experience with commercial plumbing and understand how much your business matters to you. Get to know them and call today: 909-524-2906.