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Looking for New Construction Plumbing?

March 5, 2022
Looking for New Construction Plumbing?

When people think of building projects, they focus on the glitzy details: the tall windows, the polished floors, the brassy doorknobs. However, one important component that is often overlooked is the plumbing. After all, what good is a shiny new building if the toilets don’t flush? We’re here to remind you to give your local plumber a call as you embark on your next adventure –– and if you are in the Inland Valley area, we can’t recommend Hank and Sons Plumbing enough.

Why is good plumbing important?

I mean, we probably don’t need to explain this question to you. A good plumbing system is to any building what bones are to the human body: critical infrastructure that is simply essential.

Without adequate plumbing, you won’t be able to effectively use water at your disposal. Your sinks might not work properly, for example, if at all. And in the year 2022, we are long past the days when people couldn’t have running water in their buildings. Whether you need new plumbing for a new home, a retail property, or an industrial warehouse, Hank and Sons has you covered –– their services are top-notch and their prices are affordable.

Risks of bad plumbing

If you do a bad job with your plumbing the first time around, you risk having to do a costly do-over. For example, faulty pipes that break might leave you with leaks and other frustrating problems.

What’s worse, you’ll likely have to tear down walls or rip up floors in order to replace the plumbing equipment, adding even more expenses on your end. And, of course, the inconvenience of having to install your plumbing system all over again is a headache –– especially if it delays move-in dates or openings.

In some cases, the adverse consequences of poor plumbing don’t become apparent right away, catching you by surprise and adding to your frustrations. For example, you might have some moisture inside your walls and not realize it until the resulting mold sends you to the hospital.

Types of plumbing services

A private home does not use the exact same plumbing system that an office building does. Hank and Sons, however, offers a wide range of services in both residential and commercial new construction. Whether hooking up your suburban home to city water, or installing a plumbing system in your industrial workspace, they offer something for everyone. And they offer coupons to help you save money. Give them a call today: 909-524-2906