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Which gas pipes are most prone to leaks?

June 13, 2022
Which gas pipes are most prone to leaks?

A gas pipe leak can be fatal. Not only are you at risk of poisoning yourself to death, but you can also be seriously injured in an explosion. Did you know that sometimes doing as little as flicking the light switch on can provide enough friction to cause a fire? There are fortunately some steps you can take to protect yourself and your plumbing system, including by making sure you have the right gas pipes. Read on to learn more.

History of gas pipes

Turns out people didn’t always have gas in their homes or commercial centers! Ancient civilizations, for example, had to rely on sticks and stones to make small fires. Not ideal, right?

Just to give you some perspective, around 3,000 years ago, in ancient Greece, the famous Oracle at Delphi was provided with a form of natural gas seeped from the ground. Around 500 years later, people in China started building gas pipes made out of bamboo sticks and transporting gas to boil water and make it drinkable.

Fast-forward a few thousand years and you get to 1836 Philadelphia, where the first municipally-owned natural gas distribution company was created. Since then, we have been able to use gas in our homes and places of business effortlessly and for a wide number of purposes –– stoves, central heating, you name it!

Dangerous gas pipes

But not everything is as rosy as it seems. Sure, we don’t have to gather around a fire for warmth anymore, but now we have to worry about gas leaks poisoning us or launching explosions.

One particular detail to keep in mind is that old cast iron and steel pipes are particularly unsafe –– they are among the most prone to gas leaks. If your home or business has any of these pipes, rest assured there are steps you can take, including replacing your infrastructure. All you need is a good plumber, and we know just who to call…

Gas pipe assistance

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