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Water Leak Detection in Los Angeles

November 10, 2022
Water Leak Detection in Los Angeles

Don’t wait until it’s too late and your living room is flooded –– call a plumber today.

Many people make the mistake of only calling plumbers when they’re having an emergency. While intuitively this makes some sense, what many people fail to realize is that there are many steps they can take today to prevent said emergencies, which will not only save them time but also money.

Water leak detection

It’s easy to ignore a small drip of water –– you might think it is totally normal and harmless. However. What seems like a small leak on the surface could actually be doing serious damage to your home’s core foundation.

If you hear water when there isn’t any to be seen, or if you visible sings of leaks such as dark spots and wet floors, it’s time to call the professionals –– and specifically Hank & Sons Plumbing. Our team of trusted professionals has years of experience in the market helping both residential and commercial clients find leaks on their properties.

Most importantly, we have the skillset to fix those leaks and prevent them from deteriorating, which will only make things worse.

The dangers of water leaks

One of the most pressing risks presented by a water leak is the high utility bill: if left untreated, your water leak will lead your water cost to skyrocket.

In addition, mold could begin growing around your home, which can cause severe health concerns among people. Mold and mildew are particularly known for creating respiratory problems among those infected, specially the young and elderly.

The causes of water leaks

There are many causes behind a water leak, including regular wear and tear. Pipes can also rupture or start leaking due to corrosion, which is a common problem when it comes to plumbing. Last but not least, if you’ve had issues with your pipes before and they were poorly fixed, they might have issues again the near future –– which is why you want to hire only the very best.

Why us

Here at Hank & Sons Plumbing, we are leaders in the plumbing field and have plenty of experience behind us. In addition, we are committed to making our services as accessible and affordable as possible –– why is why we regularly offer coupons and special discounts. We also provide holistic services that extend beyond water leaks detection –– if it involves plumbing, we can fix. If you are anywhere in the Los Angeles area, give us a call today to discuss your needs: 909-524-2906.