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Where to Find Affordable Plumbing Repairs in Ontario, CA

March 23, 2024

Most homeowners in Ontario, CA, experience a plumbing problem sooner or later. When they do, they call Hank & Sons Plumbing. Hank & Sons Plumbing has been providing affordable plumbing repairs in Ontario since 1999. Our team of licensed Ontario plumbing contractors has the expertise and tools to fix just about any plumbing problem that can arise.

Ontario’s Most Common Plumbing Problems

In our twenty-five years of serving home and business owners in Pomoan, we’ve seen just about every home plumbing problem you could imagine. Some of the most common plumbing issues that plague homeowners in Ontario include:

  • Clogged, backed-up drains
  • Leaking pipes and fixtures
  • Damaged or corroded pipes and connections
  • Damaged faucets and other fixtures
  • Damaged or malfunctioning garbage disposal units
  • Toilet troubles, including Clogs, leaks, damaged parts, and other
  • Water heater issues.
  • Problems with water pressure
  • Damaged sewer lines, leaky faucets, slab leaks, and other exterior plumbing problems.
  • Issues related to water quality
  • Damaged water mains

Plumbing Problems Only Grow Worse Over Time

Take our advice: don’t ignore a plumbing problem. A plumbing problem will only grow worse over time. Besides the inconvenience, plumbing issues can cause significant damage to your home and property:

  • Increased water bills.
  • Mold growth and damage.
  • Damage to walls, ceilings, floors, and foundations.
  • Water stains, discoloration, and other cosmetic damage to wallpaper, carpeting, rugs, etc..
  • Damage to dishwashers, water heaters, clothes washers, and other water-using appliances.
  • Health-related issues resulting from mold, sewage back-ups, contaminated water, etc.
  • Damage to your home’s electrical system.
  • Landscaping issues, such as soil erosion, standing water
  • Loss of important documents, including contracts, titles, and receipts, as well as impossible-to-replace personal items, such as scrapbooks and family photo albums.

Hank & Sons Plumbing is Ready Whenever You Experience a Plumbing Emergency.

If you find yourself faced with a plumbing emergency in Ontario, Hank & Sons Plumbing is ready whenever you need us. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to home and business owners in Ontario and surrounding communities. Our Ontario plumbing professionals respond promptly to all emergency calls. We can repair most plumbing emergencies in a single visit.

Of course, not all plumbing issues are emergencies. In addition to emergency plumbing services, we offer installation and maintenance services as well. We can install new toilets, sinks, disposals, water heaters, water lines, and gas lines. Regular maintenance can catch plumbing problems before they occur and extend the life of your pipes, fixtures, and water heater.

Renovating or adding a new bathroom or kitchen area? We also offer new construction plumbing services. In addition to new plumbing, we can also install new gas lines or extend existing ones.

You Can Rely on Hank & Sons Plumbing for All Your Plumbing Needs

If you own a home or business in Ontario, CA, you can rely on Hank & Sons Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. We’re the plumbing professionals to call when you need reliable, affordable plumbing repairs in Ontario. You can schedule a service call by phoning us at 909-524-2906 or submitting our online request form.