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We’ll Help Service the Plumbing Issues in Your Commercial Bathroom in Pomona CA

November 25, 2021
We'll Help Service the Plumbing Issues in Your Commercial Bathroom in Pomona CA

Dealing with a plumbing issue in your commercial property’s restroom can be a bigger ordeal than you might realize. A clogged toilet in a single-stall bathroom would prevent your customers and staff from going to the restroom. Problems with the sink in your bathroom can create a hazard when it comes to cleanliness, and if your staff are employed in food service, it can be illegal for your staff to use the restroom with no working sink to use in the restroom before returning to the kitchen; washing their hands only inside the restaurant after using the restroom still goes against health department standards. Not to mention, it’s illegal for a restaurant to allow customers to dine in if they don’t have a working restroom, which can lead to a lot of lost business.

Regardless of the plumbing issue present in your commercial bathroom, you can count on Hank and Sons Plumbing to take a look at the issue and get it fixed in a jiffy to prevent any inconveniences.

Get the Plumbing Problems in Your Commercial Restroom Handled ASAP

Nobody enjoys dealing with a plumbing issue in their bathroom, but it’s even worse when it’s within a commercial property. In fact, for many, it can be a major inconvenience and even a full-blown embarrassment. Not to mention, as owner or renter of the commercial property, everyone is going to expect you to get the issue resolved very quickly, which to you, might be a lot of extra pressure on you, more than you might be able to handle right now.

Luckily, here at Hank and Sons Plumbing, we’re on top of our game. We have plenty of days and hours of availability to get you set up with a very fast, upcoming commercial plumbing repair appointment. We want your commercial property’s bathroom to be in working order and as good as new – and it can be when you choose to hire us for our plumbing services.

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Is your commercial property located in or near Pomona, CA? And is the bathroom of your commercial property dealing with some sort of plumbing problem? Then you’re the perfect candidate of Hank and Sons Plumbing’s services. We can fix clogged toilets, backed up sink drains, low sink water pressure, and a variety of other plumbing-related problems inside your commercial bathroom.

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